Frequently Asked Car Insurance Questions

  • What happens if I lie about my driving history?

    If you lie about your driving history, and the DMV reports it you are committing what is known as “soft fraud.” If you do lie, the insurance company can deny you services and cancel your coverage.

  • Will my gender affect my premium rates?

    Yes, gender does affect premium rates. Using statistical driving data, it has been found that male drivers are generally involved in more accidents. As result, male drivers pay bigger premiums than their female counterparts.

  • Am I covered if my car breaks down?

    Your auto policy generally won’t cover a car’s mechanical failure, if it’s not due to a collision or vandalism. If your car breaks down, check to see if it’s still under warranty to save on repairs.

  • Will my Car Insurance Policy Automatically Renew, or Do I Have to Reapply for

    It depends. If you qualify, most car policies renew automatically. We will notify you about any policy or premium changes in advance.It is important to review your coverage needs with your insurance representative on an annual basis.

Frequently Asked Life Insurance Questions

  • Why is Life Insurance useful?

    Life Insurance is useful to provide your family with financial security in case circumstance throws you into a situation where you cannot earn or in the case of your premature death. It helps keep your family in a position to enjoy financial security even after your death.

  • How Does Term Life Insurance Work?

    Once you choose your protection , you will pay a premium to the life insurance company to keep the policy in force until the end of the defined term, or the end of your life, whichever comes first. You may also have the option of paying the premium annually, monthly, or as a lump-sum payment up front.

  • How do I decide on the amount of life insurance I need?

    The amount that you receive on maturity depends on the amount of premium you pay. The maturity benefit you need depends on your standard of living, income, spending habits, etc. You should aim to receive a maturity amount equal to 8 to 10 times your annual salary.

  • Do I have different options to pay my premium?

    Yes, there are options available to you to pay your premium. You can pay your premium monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly. You can also pay it in one lump sum. However, a monthly premium is the most common because the amount is relatively small and it is easier to monitor and be prepared for a more frequent premium payment.

Frequently Asked Health Insurance Questions

  • What Does Health Insurance Cover?

    Health insurance can cover a variety of things, from your regular checkups and family care to your major medical expenses. The types of services that are covered will vary with different healthcare providers and plan types, so it is important to determine your needs before buying a specific health insurance plan.

  • Why Is Health Insurance So Important?

    Health insurance helps you to manage the costs of your family's care, including regular doctor's visits and unexpected illnesses and injuries.Just one serious illness, or an emergency procedure can have dire consequences for your financial portfolio if you aren’t insured properly

  • What Does Health Insurance Cost?

    The cost of health insurance depends on several factors. Costs vary based on your plan type, whether you have insurance through an employer or private insurer, what state you live in, and how much of the insurance you cover

  • What Is a Health Insurance Deductible?

    A deductible is the amount of money that you need to pay out of pocket before your insurance begins to provide coverage.

Frequently Asked Home Insurance Questions