Why You Need Car Rental Insurance, and How To Get It

When it comes to car insurance, anybody owning a car make sure to have some But when it comes to rental insurance, we might consider using the car without it. All types of insurance, including rental, are essential.

People often dismiss the thought without considering the benefits. For example, if your regular car is towed, the insurance covers the cost of a rental. It also covers the cost of a car when your regular car is being repaired or having regular maintenance.

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Different Types Of Rental Car Coverage

  • Liability: Also known as supplemental liability insurance or SLI, this coverage protects you in the case of damage to other property while using your rental car.

  • Personal Accident Insurance: PAI covers you in cases of injury and the medical cost of your passengers in the event of an accident involving your rental car.

  • Personal Effects Coverage: PEC is useful in cases of theft or any other loss of items from your rental car.

How To Get The Best Deal On Your Rental Car Insurance?

Shop and compare:

Which policy works best for you? You can check websites like,, Costco, or Kayak to compare prices.

Look beyond the policy:

Many companies offer things like loyalty programs that one can make use of by redeeming points after a certain period of time. These small benefits can help you make better use of yourt policy.

Choose an economy car

Since you might end up using this car for a very short period of time when you have to, it is better to settle for an economy car

Opt for economy

Since you might end up using this car for a very short period of time when you have to, it is better to settle for an economy car. It should not ideally make any difference or cause any inconvenience to you.

Don't hire from the airport:

Hiring at the airport might include some premium location charges that you might want to avoid. Consider an off site location. You will see the difference in the prices yourself.

Skip the insurance:

If you have an existing automobile insurance policy, chances are you might not need rental insurance after all. Determine and weigh your options according to your needs. Get Your Rental Insurance Soon

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