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One of the most responsible life decisions you’ll ever make is getting a health insurance plan for you and your family. That’s right. Health is wealth, and the policies you choose must keep you and your family secure during the tough times. With our expertise, we’d love to help you choose the right plans, and stay well-covered and stress-free.

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What Makes Us Better

  • Many Policies, One Provider

    We provide a wide range of policies to suit all your health requirements – individual, family and business. Instead of going to multiple providers, you can get all your needs serviced by our experts right here.

  • Compare With Ease

    Based on your needs, seamlessly compare plan costs (including out-of-pocket costs) and benefits, receive a quote and choose the policies based on your needs and your family’s needs.

  • Continued Support

    On signing up, our licensed insurance agents are accessible to help you understand all aspects of your plan - benefits, premiums, payment options, and more

The Three Basic Types Of Health Coverage

Keeping you secure in sickness and in health

Employer Health Insurance

This type of insurance is offered by your employer once you are on their payroll. Typically, your employer chooses the service provider as well as the plan. Once you leave the job, the policy lapses when your employer fails to pay the premium.

Individual Health Insurance

This is a plan purchased by you for yourself and your family. You can shop for a comprehensive plan from a private insurance company, or at the public health insurance marketplace in your state for an affordable plan.

Short-Term Health Insurance

This is a low-cost plan often purchased when you are in-between jobs for short-term periods. However, they do not cover important life conditions and stages like mental health and maternity care.

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