Short Term Health Insurance – What Is It?

Short term health insurance may be needed in specific health conditions for temporary medical cost coverage. This insurance plan is not like any traditional insurance coverage plan. Before choosing any of the short term plans, look into the details to select the right one.

This is useful during emergency cases when you cannot go for the conventional health insurance plans or outside enrollment periods.

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Major Advantages of Short Term Health Insurance Plan

  • The processing of this insurance is fast

  • It gets approved immediately after you apply for it, which isn't possible with long term health insurance.

  • You are free to select your preferred health care center and professionals to provide services from the given list.

  • According to your location, you may be able to get insured for almost 3 years.

  • The insurance validity depends on the plan you choose.

Things to Remember About Short Term Health Insurance

Insurance Premium

To obtain coverage, you have to pay an amount monthly, which varies depending on the level of coverage. The deductibles of this plan are usually higher than traditional plans.


Most short term plans also have a coinsurance in addition to the deductibles. Some policy may include co-pay, which is a percentage of the fee that you have to pay.

No Specific Enrollment Period

Unlike long term insurance, it does not have any specific enrolment period. Waiting time for such a plan is zero. It begins coverage immediately after your documents are verified and approved.

Key Factors of Short Term Health Insurance Plan

Why Short Term Health Insurance?

This is necessary when you don’t have traditional insurance

Outside of open enrollment dates and ineligible for a Special Enrollment Period Option? Short Term Health Insurance can get you covered

Many Plans and options available for you while you look for another job, await open enrollment or have a life change like divorce.

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