Understanding Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance is a fixed premium product purchased for a specific period of time. As long as premium payments are made the payout for a death is a fixed sum. Many companies offer additional benefits and cash value at end.

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Advantages Of Term Life Insurance

Term Insurance will give you peace of mind by providing financial coverage to your family. With affordable premiums and easy-to-understand clauses, here are a few benefits of term insurance over permanent insurance.

  • The coverage is flexible

  • Inexpensive compared to whole life policies

  • You can get enhanced coverages and add riders

Simple Steps To Buy A Term Life Insurance

Policy Type

Primarily there are two kinds of insurance in the market - Term and Permanent. Term insurance gives you coverage for a limited period, whereas Permanent insurance with whole life coverage.

Insured Amount

Insurance assures you of the flow of income to your family in case of your death. The insured amount should be the amount with which your family can sustain itself comfortably.

Get Quotes and Compare

Once you are sure about the period of coverage and insured amount, you can get quotes from insurance firms licensed in your area.

Look for Hidden Cost

Be aware of any hidden costs & conditions. You shouldn’t hesitate to ask questions to have a idea of the cost and the coverage you are getting.

Medical Examination

Medical examinations may be required.

Premium Amount

The next step is to check the premium amount. Getting started takes only 2 minutes

Why You Should Opt For Term Life Insurance


Fixed terms and lowered premiums, term life insurance is easy to understand


Term life insurance, with low rates and the savings component, is a more economical option for many individuals.

Flexibility On Coverage

Term insurance will let you choose coverage that fits your needs. Term lengths are available brom 10 to 40 years

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