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The property owner insures the structure that you are renting, but does not cover any of your possessions. In the event of a storm, fire, water damage,etc, they will be covered for their losses but without a renter's policy you will not. Get a quote today to protect your "stuff."

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Here Are Some Questions You May Want To Ask Yourself

  • What is the net-worth of my belongings?

  • In case of an accidental fire, will I be able to retrieve all my lost belongings?

  • What if I was held legally responsible for property damage?

  • What if someone got injured in my apartment and held me liable for the claim?

Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Rental Insurance

Online Purchase Option

You can get your free insurance quote in a matter of seconds from our website. Online purchase of renters insurance comes with quick approval and does not require credit checks.

Automated Payment

The hassle-free and cashless payment plan through automatic funds transfer (AFT) qualify you for an attractive discount and rids you from the burden of repeated payment reminders.

Bundle & Save

Bundle all your insurance needs in one place for easy management and special discounts. You can save 10% on renter's coverage with the bundle and save plan.

Smart Home Discounts

Smart home equipment such as video ring doorbell, fire alarm system, or a moisture detection system can get your policy a special smart home discount.

Affordable Pricing

Protect your precious belongings and your peace of mind from potential damage by purchasing suitable renters insurance for your rental property.

Choosing The Best Services

The accidental occurrences and damages are often beyond one's control. So, protect your belongings with renters insurance to keep your stuff insured.

Why Is Rental Insurance Important For You?

The Smart Renter's Smart Choice

Property Protection

A landlord's insurance policy on the property is not adequate coverage for the tenants. It merely covers the building and damages to it. You need a policy that protects your possessions.

Legal Protection

If anyone is injured in your building, wonder who will be held accountable? Your rental house insurance provides liability coverage for your legal protection.

Residential Protection

The most difficult task for tenants is to re-claim the rented property. Rental insurance ensures that you do not have to pay for temporary housing.

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